Boys Choirs of Aiken County (BCAC)

BoysChoirs of Aiken County is South Boundary Singer’s umbrella organization for its boys choirs program.  BCAC consists of all-comers boys choirs at Chukker Creek Elementary (Boundary Boys),  East Aiken School of the Arts (No Boundaries), North Aiken (North Boundary), and an auditioned choir from around the county – Bound to Sing.

BCAC has an operating board and is actively seeking members for a small Executive Board.

Boundary Boys,  No Boundaries, North Boundary and Bound to Sing (and their teachers) are always looking for more singers as they raise their voices in song in their schools throughout the school year.

Want some more information? Please feel free to get in touch with us through the contacts page on this web site and we’ll do our best to assist you.

No Boundaries – East Aiken School of the Arts

As the season started here are the guys from East Aiken School of the Arts.  They work with their music teacher Megan Jensen, and South Boundary representative Tom Calhoun.  They are in their third season.

no boundaries

Boundary Boys – Chukker Creek Elementary

And Boundary Boys at a PTO meeting at Chukker Creek in their first performance of the year.  They work with their music teacher Kristen Pugh. Boundary Boys were the first of the school-based choirs and they are in their sixth season.

Vets Day 2014

North Boundary – North Aiken Elementary

North Aiken Elementary have just joined the group of school based choirs and call themselves North Boundary.  Their music teacher Megan Middleton is working with a group of about 18 guys.  They will have their first performance for a school assembly on February 4 and they are looking forward to a chance to perform later on with South Boundary Singers.

James at NA

Bound to Sing – County-Wide

Bound to Sing are following in the collaborative footsteps of South Boundary Singers.  In the picture below, they share the stage with The Aiken Choral Society in the John Rutter masterpiece, “Mass for the Children”.    Their musical leaders are James Bennett (Artistic Director) and Kathleen Cartledge (Collaborative Accompanist)

B2S - ACS2

They are actively seeking boys to audition for the group.  Auditions are held early in each school term.  They look for boys from 4th to 7th grade with unchanged voices.  Rehearsals are held from 3:50 to 5:15 on Tuesday afternoons at First Baptist during the school year.  The boys perform in public several times a year.  You may wish to visit them here for further information or if you have a boy who could contribute to and learn from this experience.