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BoysChoirs of Aiken County (BCAC) is South Boundary’s umbrella organization for its boys choirs program. BCAC consists of all-comers boys choirs at Chukker Creek Elementary (Boundary Boys), East Aiken School of the Arts (No Boundaries), North Aiken (North Boundary) and an auditioned choir from around the county – Bound to Sing.

Its mission is to “discover, encourage and develop the talents and abilities of young boys with extraordinary vocal and musical talent by exposing them to the joys and rigors of hard work, self-discipline, self-reliance, dedication and teamwork in preparation for choral performances.”

BCAC has an operating board and is actively seeking members for a small Executive Board.

Boys Choirs of Aiken County Info

Please use the Contact Us form found on this website if you would like more information about the Boys Choirs of Aiken County (BCAC) organization.