CD1 – What Are You Waiting For?

CD1-Cover-e1366060619507At a noted downtown Aiken watering hole in late 2007 Ben and Bill were pondering forming some kind of male singing group when Ben said “What are you waiting for?” From that moment, the January 2008 founding of South Boundary was off and running. Our first CD takes its name from that challenge. Sixteen men of Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA joined voices to celebrate song. Enjoy our CD and we’ll see you soon at one of our concerts!


Our Singers
Tenor I Tenor II Baritone Bass
Mark LeGrand Al Bey Gary Ikens John Anderson
Gary Lamb Phillip Hare Bill Riehl Tom Calhoun
Worth Swearingen Jim Heffner Bob Stubbs Ken Hofstetter
Ben Lacy Gary Frazier Gerry Platt