CD3 – Still Hooked

Since our first concert with just six singers in the spring of 20008 we have been indeed hooked on the sound that a dozen or so men can make. 28 men have cycled through our group since its founding. We owe a debt to each these men who have given generously of their time and talent since that wonderful spring.CD album coverThe portrait of South Boundary on the front cover of our Still Hooked CD is a work by AC Daniel, a senior at Aiken High.

To the right you’ll find the contents of the CD along with many samples. We hope you enjoy our music and will consider purchasing the CD. And we hope to see you soon at one of our concerts.


Our Singers
Tenor I Tenor II Baritone Bass
Tim Bennett Jim Heffner Tom Calhoun David Erickson
Mark LeGrand Bill Riehl Ron Ferris Ken Hofstetter
Bob Lozeau Greg Warfield Rick Huston Gerry Platt
Tom Wilcox Jeremy Marks Don Studebaker

Still Hooked

Track Title
1 Carolina Day
2 Do You Hear the People Sing?
3 Hooked On a Feelin’
4 Let Me Be There
5 Every Time We Say Goodbye
6 A Little Bit o’ Bach
7 Big Band Blast
8 Greenfields
9 Star Gazing
10 Symphonic Choir
11 Amazing Grace
12 I Got Rhythm
13 My Country Tis of Thee
14 Siyahamba
15 non nomine, domine