Rehearsal Music Table Guide

Table creation guide for new rehearsal files.

  1. Sign in as an administrator and open this page (Rehearsal Music Table Guide) in the editor.
  2. Be sure to be in the Text, not the Visual, editor.
  3. Copy to the clipboard the lines at the bottom of this page, starting at the first (table) line down to the closing (/table) line.
  4. Leave this page and open the Rehearsal Music Page.
  5. Paste the lines copied from the Table Guide page into the Rehearsal Music Page where you want the new table to appear (normally the top of the page so older content gets pushed down.)
  6. Replace the sample text for the Table Title. I recommend using just the date of the recordings as the title.
  7. Replace the “Insert Link Here” text by using the WP Insert Media function to link to the media file.
  8. Replace the “Insert Media Here” text by using the WP Insert Media function to embed the media file.
  9. The table row now contains a link to the media in the left column and an embedded media player in the right column.
  10. Add more songs by adding alternating rows, repeating the (tr to /tr) lines with the alternate tg-031e or tg-vn4c CSS class lines. This will produce alternating colored lines in the table.
  11. Use the Preview Changes to see how it looks.
  12. When happy, Publish the page.

Folks can download the file by right clicking the left column and choosing “Save link as ..” or whatever the equivalent option is for their browser or operating system.

Begin by copying from the next line to the end of this guide.

Title of Table

Insert Link Here Insert Media Here
Song Link with Alternate Row Color Song Media with Alternate Row Color