Service – a way of sharing our musical interest

Our first community effort was to introduce two of our musical friends Joel Scraper and James Bennett to each other and have them  perform a commissioned piece with us.  We donated $1000 to each of their programs at USCA and Aiken’s First Baptist Church.  We liked that!!  Here is a picture of Joel and James and of our performance in the spring of 2009.

Baby Steps

Our first decision was to fund a Music scholarship at the local college, the University of South Carolina, Aiken.   We are working toward an endowed scholarship that will generate $1000 a year to a worthy.  We made the announcement and presented our first check to the University at a concert in the fall of 2009.  At present, we have awarded 2 $1000 scholarships to music students at USCA

Along the Way

We figured out that others had encouraged us to sing at a young age, so we decided to start encouraging young men to sing by starting some boys choirs in town.  The first was at Chukker Creek Elementary.  They chose to call themselves “The Boundary Boys”.  Here there are at an early rehearsal in the fall of 2009.

A second at East Aiken Elementary followed a year later and another at Mossy Creek.  Here are all of the boys singing on a spring 2011 concert with South Boundary.  By this time there were well over 50 boys rehearsing weekly in their schools and performing for an adoring public.

A New Direction

And in meetings just concluded in earliest February 2012 with Aiken County music teachers, we are establishing a county wide boys choir that will begin studying voice and music theory as well as building a quality boys choir.  Stay tuned for some wonderful music.  Two men fundamental to this effort are the two guys at the keyboard in the picture at the top of this page, Joel and James.  The planning is going on now and the singing will start in September.  Let us know (our contacts page) if you have a young man interested in singing in this new ensemble.